How to create free loom account (for recording instructional videos)

How to create free loom account (for recording instructional videos)

For virtual knowledge workers, loom has become the "go-to" video instruction tool (which is what we lawyers are). Explaining how to do things to others that we work with has become an important component of our occupations. And short instructional movies are the greatest way to convey most of what we do. There are a variety of techniques to shoot video, but loom is the best option for most knowledge work. It's a powerful tool that's also simple to use because it's focused on the most important demands of instructional video creators, which are:

The videos can be made quickly and easily (on a computer, tablet, or even smartphone). 

After that, you can instantly share the video (inside your organization, or outside the firm)

Loom allows you to upload and store videos online, as well as organize them into folders.

As appropriate, you can restrict or grant access to videos.

You can start with a free account that allows you to make up to 25 films with a maximum duration of 5 minutes.

For $8/month, you may upgrade to the business level account, which includes unlimited videos, unlimited length, and other valuable features.

The steps for creating a free account with loom are outlined here.

Go to loom.com and create a free account.

Go to loom.com on your browser.

To get loom for free, click the "get loom for free" button.

Choose email address option

You can set up an account using an existing google, slack or apple account. I recommend you use your email address.

Enter additional personal information

Enter your name

Create password (needs to meet criteria shown below)

Agree to loom’s terms & privacy policy.

Then Click “continue”. After that ,you should verify your email address – step

Like most online services, loom wants to know that you have entered a valid email address that you have control of.

Verify your email address – step 2

Go to your email account, you’ll see a button like the one below that you will 

Click to verify your email address

Get oriented, do some setup, record a first video

Here’s how you can get oriented with the user interface, and do some basic setup (i.e. Download the desktop loom app, get the browser extension installed, and finally record and share your first video.

Optional: upgrade to paid version

The basic free version is enough to start with and learn how to use loom. If you want to upgrade to the next higher level you’ll get more options as shown below.

Explore Use Cases for Loom Videos

Besides instructional videos, there are other use cases for the kind of quick, easy videos that Loom allows you to create. Here’s a short video from Loom’s CEO that gives you some insights on that front.

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