MCEE Twinko, Nigerian comedian reveals how he was sexually assaulted


MCEE Twinko, Nigerian comedian reveals how he was sexually assaulted

Aviele Kelvin Twinko, popularly known as MCEE Twinko has revealed one of the most ugliest experiences he had while growing up.

The Edo-born stand up comedian said he was sexually assaulted by an opposite sex whom he thought was offering to help him.

Recounting his experience in a recent interview with DAILY POST, the graduate of Mathematics and Economics, said "Growing up, i had mostly beautiful experiences. My family assisted in shaping my path, provided for me, the best they could. So, i would say i had a fairly nice upbringing.

"Aside family, only few friends offered to help as i had some of the most horrible times trying to navigate and find my path in the entertainment industry. It got really funny when one lady, whom i respect so much offered to help but was hellbent on getting something in return. She made several attempts including assaulting me at some point",

he said.

The social entrepreneur and Content Creator MCEE TWINKO known for his funny online series "Chairman Republic", gboweyor the mechanic and conductor also added that he started displaying his craft and making people happy as early as in 1997 and has vowed to remain focused in establishing his stand in the creative industry.

"Acting has always been part of me. Due to my frequent usage of Pidgin, People assumed i can't speak English but that's an odd misconception. Am quite unique in delivering my content, the goal really is to keep pushing and try to secure my spot. I am the typical workaholic, anything really to survive. So be it acting, film making, directing behind the scene, anchoring events, MCEE Twinko dey for you", he added.

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